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We manufacture a wide range of exquisitely carved sofa sets in teak wood. We are rated as one of the leading carved sofa set manufacturers in Delhi. Our teak wood sofa designs are very regal in appearance and lend a touch of royalty to any space that they adorn. Our ethnic sofa set range incorporates traditional Indian sofa designs inspired from furniture found in the old palaces and forts of Rajasthan.They are also all ergonomically designed to give our customers seating comfort with great looks.

We offer a choice of seating arrangements in our Rajasthani carved sofa sets depending upon the size of the room to be furnished and customize the sofas to suit our customers’ requirements in terms of size, wood color finishes and also upholstering options. All our hand carved furniture designs are very exclusive .We are one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Delhi specializing in carved teak wood sofas and a variety of other furniture items.

All our wooden carved sofa sets are melamine coated which makes their surface smooth and waterproof.

Formal Sofas

King design Sofa set
King design Three seater

  King design sofa set                                             


Zubeida design sofa set

Sunflower sofa set
Sunflower Three seater sofa
IMG-20200327-130217 (1).jpg

Sunflower design sofa set

Maharaja Sofa set
Maharaja Three seater Sofa
Maharaja Sofa chair

Maharaja design sofa set

Royal three seater sofa
Royal design single chair

Royal design sofa design

Symphony design three seater

Symphony design Sofa set

Classic design sofa set

Classic design sofa set

Noor-Us-Sabah Sofa set

Noor-Us-Sabah Sofa set

Informal Sofas

Roman design three seater

Roman design sofa set


Neemrana design sofa set


Harp design sofa set


Shekhawati design sofa set


Half moon design sofa set


Round back design sofa set


Taj back design sofa set

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